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"It's done in dreaming."

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May. 5th, 2010 | 08:40 am

Throughout my journey as a warrior/seeker, there are recurring "themes" - perhaps the most common of the past few years being that of transmogrification. When we finally realize that we are beings who are going to die - really internalize that right down to the core level of the spirit - very little we think, say or do seems to matter anymore. Except one thing... preserving our awareness. Survival of the I-Am.

There are some who would say the I-Am survives regardless of the process of living and dying, but if that were the case, I rather doubt we would be imbued with the instinct to continue. One more breath. One more sunset. One more sunrise. Yes. To go on living. The physicality of it really isn't the issue. The perception of it all is.

What does this have to do with dreaming? Simply this. Over the weekend, as I was sitting in the motorhome looking out over a magnificent park under the light of a waning moon, I was filled with the thought that it's all so transient. Over the years as we've visited that same park, massive oaks have grown to maturity, died, and been replaced with young saplings. The huge stone picnic tables are taken on chips and nicks. The gopher who lives underneath the ground where our merchant booth is located has had babies several times. In all likelihood, she is long dead and her babies are having babies now.


Given enough time, even the mountains will disappear, whittled to gravel by the immortal wind. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Spirit. The five elements of creation. The five Immortals. And each one a part of us in some manner. We are made of eternity, yet we perceive ourselves as transients. Odd, that.

So as I sat there in the darkness pondering these things, I thought again of the concept of transmogrification - the transference/transcendence of our awareness from our humanform body into our dreaming body. Almost without consciously directing it, I heard myself ask Orlando, "Okay, what does it look like? How is it done? What is the procedure which would bring this state of being into Be-ing?"

His answer was immediate and succinct. "It's done in dreaming."

For the next two hours, a dialogue ensued which focused mainly on the feel of this type of dreaming. It's not a technique we might master. To think so would only be the height of ego, the grandstanding of pure ego. It's not some clever manipulation of energy dependent on some bit of yada we read in a book somewhere. It's not even a case of lucidity in dreaming.

These things Orlando explained first - because the bottom line with us humans is that we are so steeped in our programs (yes, even and especially our "warrior" programs) that we can't feel the forest because we're too busy trying to *see* the trees.

"In dreaming," Orlando explained as a large owl perched in the tree just above the motorhome and sang her lonesome song, "the mind doesn't question what just is. It simply does the impossible and accepts it as ordinary, and in doing so a new reality is created wherein actions such as flying or reading with your eyes closed or breathing underwater are merely aspects of your inventory, other abilities you may possess when your mind can allow it."

I thought about that for a long time that night, realizing that it would also include this seemingly mysterious act of transmogrification - which I personally believe is what the Tenant accomplished. If the myths are true (a big if, of course), s/he lives a relatively normal human life, with the grand exception that s/he is immortal, can apparently take any form/gender, and experiences a seamless awareness spanning centuries into the past, and who nows how far into the future? A being who was once a transient organic, transformed by will (dreaming?) into an inorganic awareness.

After being on this path for so many years (a lifetime, actually), I have observed that no matter how impeccable we may be in our ordinary tonal lives, we are nonetheless affected by the humanform programs (which may well be hardwired into the DNA at some level), so whenever we are in waking awareness, there are things we simply cannot do which we would do easily in dreaming. Let's just talk about flying for a moment. In dreaming, we lift our feet off the ground, experience a profound moment of awe/ecstasy, and wonder how the hell we forgot how to do that. Maybe the experience propels us into lucidity, maybe not. But in dreaming, we accept without question that we can fly, whereas that really doesn't appear to be possible in ordinary awareness. Oh, someone is sure to say that monks in dank monasteries may levitate or float a coconut for the amusement of curious bystanders, but when that same monk goes soaring over London or Toronto, I do hope someone with a cell phone cam will snap a pic and post it on this forum... because even if "levitation" may be a reality, it's a far cry from what we can do in Dreaming.

So... of course the question turns to this. Even if we CAN fly in our dreams, we don't seem to be able to bring that ability into our waking awareness. So how would achieving the state of transmogrification be any different? Well, that's a work in progress. My sense of it as I sat there looking out over that magickal park in the middle of the night was that the act of transferring our awareness into our dreaming body would quite likely transcend ALL levels of awareness. Put another way, we would wake up inside the dreaming body and life would continue as before (or not) depending entirely on the intent/will of the warrior/seeker.

Ah well. As I said... a work in progress. Some stray thoughts on a magnificent morning while the quail are talking quietly among themselves at the pond, the weenie dog is sleeping in my lap, and the cat is preening in the window.


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