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Quantum Shaman (tm)

A Grimoire of Sorcery & Mad Musings

Quantum Shaman
8 May
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(well, in MY universe anyway)

1. Who is the quantum shaman and what does it mean to create our own reality?

2. Are the 9 billion names of God only sock puppets on an internet forum?

3. Are we living in the matrix or is the matrix living in us?

4. Who am I, where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

5. Can I have a vampyre for Christmas?

Call me a mad sorcerer or a shaman or a witch or just a creative writer with a healthy imagination and an open mind and heart. I've been on this crazy journey of the spirit all my life and have found that the best way to expand my own Knowledge is through interacting with others on similar paths - or, in the absence of friends, talking to myself on the internet with the inflated self-important belief that anybody gives a fig.

I've published a book about some of my experiences,Quantum Shaman, Diary of a Nagual Woman, which is available through Amazon or on my website, Quantum Shaman. Despite what some would have you believe, it really is a work of non-fiction, a travelogue of my adventures through time and space where vampyres and Vulcans haunt the shadows and the shaman's double manifests at a post office somewhere in Southern California in the year 1988.

I am also the author of the Star Trek novel, Killing Time, as well as many other novels & short stories, both professional sales and underground press. Presently, I am seeking an aggressive literary agent to represent my upcoming books. Would also like to connect with an immortal vampyre. If vampyre is aggressive agent, so much the better. Just sayin'.